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Green Life Pharmacy

Medication Synchronization

female pharmacist assisting a customerMedication Synchronization is an automated solution that coordinates all of your prescriptions to be refilled on the same day each month. Green Life Pharmacy highly recommends medication synchronization for our customers who are taking medication for maintenance, recovery, or for any vital reasons related to health management.


  • Each month, on your preferred day, all of your prescriptions will be refilled and will be ready for pick up or delivery.
  • A few days before getting your prescriptions refilled, you will receive a call from our pharmacy to confirm which prescriptions should be refilled or are needed.
  • Best of all, we will contact your physician for refills and we will also work with your insurance provider to provide you a hassle-free service.
  • We ensure you are taking the right medications monthly through checking up on you and your physician, in order to avoid confusions on your medication regimen.

Give us a call today at 718-282-6100 for a consultation and to start your medication synchronization with us.

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