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Benefits of Adherence

medication adherenceMedications will only be effective when taken as directed by the physician, but it is undeniable that people, especially elderly and those with different health concerns, sometimes forget to take their medications due to certain reasons. When your medications are not taken appropriately, it can become a complicated case which can also affect your health. Hence, it is necessary to follow what your physician has directed you in order to hasten your recovery and improve your health. This is the reason why Medication Adherence is important.

Green Life Pharmacy offers Medication Adherence to help people stay on track of their medication and be able to experience its full efficacy.


  • According to a recent study, non-adherence cost patients about $2000, per patient, in physician appointments annually. With medication adherence, you can save a lot from this expense.
  • By improving self-management of chronic diseases, you get an approximate cost savings ration of 1:10.
  • Non-adherence causes between 30% and 50% of treatments to fail; translating to roughly 125,000 deaths per year. With medication adherence, you can avoid fatality due to medication failure.
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